The Trevor Project – Saving Young LGBTQ Lives

The Trevor Project ( is a 24-hour confidential suicide prevention hotline. “The Trevor Project focuses on ending suicide among LGBTQ youth.” We, the PTGA production team, fully support the focus of The Trevor Project.

Our musical project, “Pray the Gay Away”®, is not officially partnered with the Trevor Project, but both groups have related missions. “Pray the Gay Away® – a serious musical comedy” is about bringing to the stage the many different pieces of the puzzle that contribute and fuel the belief system of “Pray the Gay Away” or “Pray Away the Gay”. Our show brings to the stage topics including gay conversion therapy (reparative therapy), the biblical scripture basis many churches use as a reason to try and change sexual identities and preference, and also different aspects of United States culture that are by-products of these beliefs.

At the 2019 premiere run of the Pray the Gay Away® play, our show program will include contact info for The Trevor Project. A big thank you to The Trevor Project for also providing us with brochures that we will have available at our shows.