Cascadia Weekly interview with PTGA show creator Conrad Askland

Cascadia Weekly Pray the Gay Away play

Amy Kepferle with Cascadia Weekly interviewed PTGA show creator Conrad Askland and the article was published on November 6, 2019. The musical Pray the Gay Away® deals with gay conversion therapy, the beliefs that support and perpetuate the painful practice of it, and the experience of LGBTQ+ members in the painful world that surrounds it.

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Cascadia Weekly: The production has support from Skagit PFLAG, PFLAG Washington State, and local ministers. Do you anticipate any blowback?

Conrad Askland: We’ve experienced two types of pushback. The first is when people read Pray the Gay Away that they think it’s an anti-gay rally. We have a lot of information on our website and have worked closely with PFLAG so people realize that is not the case. The second pushback is from people who hold a religious belief that homosexuality is “intrinsically sinful” and are offended we might question that belief. To that pushback I simply say, “Here is our production. Audiences will reach their own conclusions.”