PTGA Co-Director: I’m Standing Up for Change

From co-director Lindsey Bowen:

I had a dream last night that there was this beautiful sketch of a landscape – vividly beautiful, but it was colorless. The paints were right in front of me, but i was not allowed to color it, and it was as though i had been looking at it for years and never allowed to color it, it was painful, tortuous. When I woke up and pondered it, i realized that this is what it feels to be denied the love in your heart, to be denied the beauty that’s possible, for no reason at all.

This is why I’m directing Pray the Gay Away®, opening in November at the Lincoln Theatre (November 2019 in Mount Vernon, WA USA). WE want to color the stage with this story and open people’s hearts. For too long people have been denied love because of judgement, because of their sexual orientation, gender, race, religion and background.

I’m standing up for change!

Lindsey Bowen
August 14, 2019