Pray the Gay Away play student tickets

Pray the Gay Away play at Lincoln Theatre

We are thrilled to announce that we have student tickets available for the Pray the Gay Away ® play. Thanks to a foundational grant and individual donors, we have a limited number of free tickets for youth groups under age 21, and for students and student groups enrolled in high school or college/university classes.

Part of our mission with the Pray the Gay Away play is to encourage discussions on the topics of gay conversion therapy, attitudes in the United States towards LGBTQ+ rights and various church stances on the topic of homosexuality. Types of student groups that may benefit from seeing the PTGA show and then discussing it might be Gay-Straight Alliance youth groups, Psychology, American History, Social Justice, Queer Studies, Theatre, Music or Vocal programs, English literature, Sexuality and Society courses and church Confirmation classes.

Student tickets to the PTGA 2019 theatrical play are available for the Saturday, November 9th or Thursday, November 14th shows at 7:30pm. Shows are performed live at the Historic Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon, WA.

For more info, please email with name of group, group leader contact info, number of tickets needed and which show date is desired.

Thank you SO MUCH to our grants and donors that are providing a way for students to experience the PTGA 2019 show so they can discuss these topics in their groups and with our local and regional communities.

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The Pray the Gay Away play is experiencing tremendous unexpected support from the local community and beyond. It makes us cry tears of joy. People do care about this issue. A lot.
Thank you!
Our project depends on people sharing the show on social media. Thank you for getting the word out!