Welcome PTGA 2019 Cast

Welcome to the PTGA 2019 Cast!

Note from PTGA writer Conrad Askland:

For over four years now, I have looked forward to the day when I finally get to meet the cast of PTGA. This is the first cast that will bring this story to life. All the work was driven forward knowing that at some point the day would arrive when I finally get to enjoy the process with a full group. That day is here. For me, the most enjoyable part of bringing a new show to the stage is the rehearsal process. That’s where I get to interact with the group and the adventure of navigating the story together begins. Now the focus is on opening night and bringing the story to a live audience. Game on. Let the adventure begin…

Note from co-director Lindsey Bowen:

I’ve been reflecting so much on all the amazing auditioners we were blessed to work with, and how proud i am of the talent and the poise shown by everyone. I sincerely wish we could have used each auditioner. Thank you all for working so hard and giving so much of yourselves. I’ve learned so much about each one of you and am thrilled to be telling this story to our community, for our world, and for eachother:) congratulations and welcome to the beginning of a beautiful show!!!


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition for “Pray the Gay Away”® ! Everyone did such a fantastic job in the auditions and should feel very proud of themselves. We want to say a huge thank you for working so hard and sharing your talents with us on singing, dancing and the script audition workshops.

We had an incredible turnout for auditions which made the casting process very difficult. We were really amazed at the overall level of talent that showed up. It has already been a very moving experience for us to see how many people support the message and mission of our show “Pray the Gay Away”®. We wish we could have every single person on stage in this production. Even if you are not on our cast list, we still need you to help support our mission. We still need you if you want to join us and stand together with us. We are family now.



We need your involvement on this production. This show was created for the community and it will take a community to bring this show to the stage. “It takes a village”. There is a place for everyone to support this show, whether on-stage or off-stage. We could really use your help in bringing PTGA to the stage and invite you to consider being a part of our volunteer team by filling out the form at: https://ptgashow.com/volunteer/