Seattle Times: A blast from the past in the gay-rights wars

Sept. 11, 2019 – an article from the Seattle Times by Danny Westneat


Because it’s a private religious school, King’s (High School) has a right to teach whatever it pleases, no matter how retrograde. And even though it obviously has some gay students, it has a right to discriminate against gay people, as religious organizations are mostly exempted from state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

From PTGA:

In the musical Pray the Gay Away®, we show the collision course between a church that wants to “pray away the gay” and promote conversion therapy, and a struggling LGBTQ+ support group that sees this portrayal of love as discrimination and persecution. Our purpose of present the PTGA musical is to open discussions on the topic and to give audiences a glimpse into these opposing viewpoints.

Thank you to Danny Westneat for covering this important topic.