Welcome to PTGA 2019 Auditions!
June 24-27, 2019 in Mount Vernon, WA.

Callbacks will be posted to this page here on Thursday June 27 at 11pm. Callbacks will be at St. Paul’s church on Saturday June 29th from 10am-4pm.

Cast List will be posted to this page here on Sunday, June 30th at 5pm.

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“This is an opportunity to really be a part of something that is brand new and beautiful, and it’s happening right here in our valley.”
– Lindsey Bowen (Co-Director)

Walk-Up Auditions Welcome According to Availability

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Monday June 24, 6-9pm, Conway Muse

Tuesday June 25, 6-9pm, St. Paul’s

Wednesday June 26, 6-9pm, St. Paul’s

Thursday June 27, 6-9pm, St. Paul’s

Monday June 24th Audition at:
Conway Muse
18444 Spruce St, Conway, WA 98238

All other auditions at:
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
415 S 18th St, Mt Vernon, WA 98274





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Presented by Theater Arts Guild
Roles for all genders age 14-65+
Cast size will be 30+
Several roles are non-singing roles
Auditions June 25-27, 2019
Location: Mount Vernon, WA.
Show Dates: November 8-24, 2019
Venue: Historic Lincoln Theatre
(Mount Vernon, WA.)
Questions? Email ptgashow@gmail.com




Presented by Theater Arts Guild
Producers: Matt Bianconi and Kim Turner
Directors: Lindsey Bowen and Gabriel Guevara
Choreographer: Donna Carroll
Music Director: Conrad Askland
Stage Manager: Mat Wend
Sound Design: Colby Plagge

Meet the PTGA 2019 Production Team

(l-r: Colby Plagge, Matt Bianconi, Kim Turner, Donna Carroll, Matt Wend, Gabe Guevara, Conrad Askland, Lindsey Bowen)


This is the fourth original full length musical written by Conrad Askland (Cirque du Soleil, Rock of Ages, TAG’s SideShow and Mamma Mia). PTGA will be directed by Lindsey Bowen and Gabriel Guevara, the directing team that brought you “Stand and Deliver” and “The Outsiders” to the Lincoln Theatre.  Donna Carroll, choreographer, recently worked on SideShow, Chorus Line and Beauty and the Beast.



“Pray the Gay Away” is a new original story that takes place in Minnetonka, Minnesota 1982. It is about a teenage boy going through gay conversion therapy and the conflict between his church and a LGBTQ+ support group. Main themes of the story surround sexual identity, religion and politics. Readers at script readings have described the show as “unexpectedly funny”, “a serious comedy”, “a punch in the gut”, “this makes me so mad”, “funny as hell”, “this makes me want to cry” and “surprisingly not offensive”. The show is a mix of musical comedy and serious content.



  • Auditioners will together work as a group from 6-9pm
  • Auditioners under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or legal guardian sign a consent form
  • Walk-up auditions are welcome but subject to availability at that time. We strongly recommend you secure an audition day by filling out the audition appointment form.
  • Sing one minute of the song of your choice. 
    – Recommended styles are Contemporary Musical Theater, Pop or Classical. We just want to hear your strongest vocal style, whatever that may be.
    – You can use our audition pianist, bring your own, or play your backing track on our sound system
    – Please sing to accompaniment or backing track. (No acapella singing)
    – Auditioners will read script excerpts from the PTGA script.
  • Wear comfortable clothing
    – There will be a group dance segment with our choreographer

*Note: Auditioners will work together as a group from 6-9pm

  • All auditioners introduce themselves and sing one minute song excerpt
  • Choreographer will work with auditioners as a group to learn a short dance segment
  • Directors will run scene excerpts with different combinations of auditioners
  • During scene work, music director will do short vocal range checks with each auditioner
  • The Callback List will be posted to THIS PAGE HERE on Thursday, June 27 around 11pm.
  • Callbacks will be Saturday, June 29 from 10am-4pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (same location as auditions). We will let you know the time slot to arrive.
  • Cast List will be posted to THIS PAGE HERE. We hope to post on Sunday, June 30th by 7pm.
  • When cast list is posted, please email ptgashow@gmail.com to either accept or refuse your role.
  • Cast List will also be posted on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ptgainfo

All Rehearsals are 6-9pm
Rehearsals with principals will be scheduled according to availability

  • Tuesday, July 9 – All Call Orientation
  • Wednesday, July 10 – All Call Script Read
  • Tuesday, July 16 – Principals Only
  • Tuesday July 23 – All Call – Ensemble Music
  • Tuesday July 30 – All Call – Ensemble Music
  • In July we will mainly work with soloists on music to finalize vocal ranges. Most ensemble members will only be needed for a few rehearsals.
  • August, September, October will follow a “normal” community theater rehearsal schedule. Cast members will usually rehearse 3 days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6-9pm and occasional Saturdays for choreography. We will always do our best to schedule rehearsals so cast is only called when needed.


– from the TAG Board of Directors, March 2019

Freedom of speech is the foundation of our communities and our nation. The works that the Theater Arts Guild (TAG) presents may awe, illuminate, challenge, unsettle, confound, provoke, and, at times, offend. We defend the freedom to create content and exhibit such work anywhere in the world, and we recognize the privilege of living in a country where creating, exhibiting, and experiencing such work is a constitutional right.

To put a show on the theater stage, or exhibit a work of art, is not to endorse the work or the vision, ideas, and opinions of the artist. It is to uphold the right of all to experience diverse visions and views. If and when controversies arise from the exhibition of a work of art, we welcome public discussion and debate with the belief that such discussion is integral to the experience of the art. Consistent with our fundamental commitment to freedom of speech, however, we will not censor exhibitions in response to political or ideological pressure.

– Theater Arts Guild Board of Directors – March 2019




  • All roles are open at time of auditions.
  • Cast size will be 30 people or more.
  • Characters are open to different gender identities with the exception of Erik (male), Peder (male), Engebjorg (female), Pastor (male) and Therapist (male). Casting of other roles is more dependent on vocal range than gender identity. Other male roles can be played by females (or other gender identities) and vice-versa.
  • There are over THIRTY (yes, 30) various principal and cameo roles that can be played by individual actors, or actors may be assigned multiple roles.
  • Ages listed are CHARACTER AGES. Many characters can be played by actors that are much older or younger than the character age.
  • There are many, many roles for ensemble members to play. Some of those roles may be designated in the rehearsal process.





ERIK JACOBSEN (male, 14-16, baritone or low tenor) Son of Peder and Engebjorg. Therapy patient, thoughtful, coming of age, naive, innocent, yearning to make a difference in the world. Comes out as gay.

PEDER JACOBSEN (male, 35-55, baritone or low tenor) Husband of Engebjorg, father, church member, Vikings Fan. Norwegian-American. The world is black and white and everything has its place.

ENGEBJORG JACOBSEN  (female, 35-55, alto or mezzo) Wife and mother, church secretary, Norwegian-American, exudes “Minnesota nice”, honest but sheltered.

THERAPIST       (male, 30-45, male, baritone or low tenor) Driven, determined, focused, charismatic, wants to save the world. (Dr. Richard Liten)

MILDRED FELCHER (female, 40-60+, alto or mezzo belter) Church secretary, a battle axe bulldog, the boss, tells it like it is.

HAROLD FELCHER (male, 40=60+, baritone or low tenor) Husband to Mildred, church member, retired military, the guy you’d want to invite to your summer barbeque.

QUEENIE (femalish, 17-22+, alto or mezzo – strong alto belter) outspoken, likes controversy, over-confident, not afraid to get in your face. Impulsive, impatient.

TYLER (male, 17-22+, baritone or low tenor) Therapy patient, spokesman, charismatic, strong musical theater singing and dancing. Featured soloist.

NARRATOR (any gender, 25-60+, non-singing role) Classic documentary voice- over style, authoritative. Also plays “Narrator as Satan” role. Jingle Sisters join the Narrator.



PASTOR (male, 35-65+, baritone) Scholarly, knowledgeable, concerned, reasonable, slow and steady wins the race, measured. Lutheran minister.

LISA (female, 20+, mezzo or soprano – lyrical vocal quality) Lesbian, level-headed, introspective, thoughtful, tentative, hesitant.

6 JINGLE SISTERS (female, 15-30+), two altos, two mezzos and two sopranos. Up to six members. Sing as a group throughout show presenting advertising jingles and inappropriate insights. May include tap dancing. Animated, energetic singers. They normally join the Narrator. Can also be Minions of Satan with Narrator.

COOKIE LADY (female, 25-50+, non-singing role) Church member. Ability to do a strong cockney accent. She’s nice, very nice.

JERRY (any, 20-55, ensemble singing) Youth Pride leader in training. Lacks leadership and social awareness. Either self identifies as “it” or is a Teddy Bear. Or…?

BUTCH GIRL (female, 16+, alto or mezzo belter) Youth Pride member. Lesbian, outspoken, unafraid. Featured solo cameo.



(Gender identities are open for Ensemble Roles and Actors can play multiple roles)

(Age and Gender listed is for Character. Can be played by actor of different age or gender)


LITTLE BOBBY 1, 2, 3 (male, 7, non-singing role) There are three Little Bobby cameos which can be played by three different actors.

BOBBY’S MOTHER 1, 2, 3 (female, 25-40, non-singing role) There are three Bobby’s Mother cameos which can be played by three different actors. Single Mom, conservative, needy, a worry-wart, co-dependent, probably takes valium and shot of vodka before going to sleep.

MARTIN LUTHER (male, 40-63, non-singing role) 16th century German theologian. The older Luther in academic robe and scholar’s hat.

THE PERFECT SON (male, 18+, dialogue only) Wears loin cloth or toga. Gallant.

DOCTORS (5) (male, 50-80+). Individual solo singing cameos.

BAMBI (male, 17+, ensemble singing) Youth Pride member. Effeminate mannerism and clothing.

BRUCE (male? 25+, ensemble singing). Bruce dresses female and has a low voice. Possibly in transition.

APA PERSON (any, any) short cameo.

TV CAMERA PERSON (any, any) Cameo.

TV REPORTER (any, 20+) Cameo.

NEWSPAPER REPORTER (any, 20+) Cameo.

CHURCH GROUP (any gender, age 18-60+) casting is open to have various gender identities play male ensemble roles (ex: woman can play male roles). The Church Group has many solo vocal and dialogue lines that may be assigned during rehearsals.

YOUTH PRIDE GROUP  (any gender, age 15-50+) an emerging “gay/lesbian support group” with a wide variety of personalities. Any gender identity, many solo vocal and dialogue lines for individual members. Many solo lines for traditional male and female vocal ranges.



(Also can play other roles)

TAP DANCING MINIONS (Any, 15+, ensemble singing) Or can be Jingle Sisters.

RAT KING (DANCER)  (Any, 15+, non-singing role) Comedic ballet cameo

BALLET DANCER 1 (Any, 15+, non-singing role) Interpretive lyrical ballet. Featured ballet number (non-comedic).

BALLET DANCER 2 (Any, 15+, non-singing role) Interpretive lyrical ballet. Featured ballet number (non-comedic).


Thank you for checking out the show and we hope to see you at auditions!

Questions? Email ptgashow@gmail.com